Citrus Juicer


Along with being healthy, citrus consumption can also be quite enjoying. Owing to its two different-size juicing cones and adjustable pulp control filter, your Home Electronics juicer allows you to completely extract the juice from both large and small citruses. If you use your juicer quite often and dislike washing up every time you use it, you can easily protect the parts in contact with fruit and juice from dust with the supplied lid. When washing up, simply disassemble your juicer and reassemble it after the parts dry up. Owing to its compact design, this appliance perfectly fits any kitchen environment, and keeping it in sight will help you take the necessary vitamin doses.

  • 40W
  • 1.2L Juice Container
  • 2 Different-Size Juicing Cones
  • Both-Direction Rotation and Squeezing
  • Pulp Flow Control
  • Lid
  • Removable Parts for Easier Wash-Up
  • EAN: 8606015039329
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