Kitchen appliances


Spend less time on cleaning and more on relaxing with Home Electronics kitchen appliances. We offer a wide range of functions, shorter and healthier preparation, simple use, easy maintenance, and stylish design worthy of your kitchen.


A wonderful appliance that stimulates you to take necessary amounts of vitamins and minerals, featuring a special knife with 6 blades.

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Onion, carrot, celery – all healthy and chopped up in an instant, with simple preparation of baby food, easier cleanup, and durable make.

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Home Electronics Electric Kettle will simplify preparation of hot beverages, mostly coffee and tea. Its greatest advantage is the speed at which it heats water

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The quality of our diet depends on how well-organized we are when it comes to shopping and storing groceries. With contemporary pace of life, it is not convenient to shop groceries on daily basis, which makes the idea of keeping them fresh ever tempting.

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Owing to its two different-size juicing cones and adjustable pulp control filter, your Home Electronics Juicer allows you to completely extract the juice from both large and small citruses.

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Very practical, with a storage container for attachments and as much as 6 speeds, designed to quickly prepare food and take time enjoying it.

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Everybody loves sandwiches, right? Only, the ones made in a sandwich maker are always tastier and more easily prepared.

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